Shiksha Express

Shiksha Express is a bus turned into a tech-enabled mobile classroom that provides education to dropped out and underprivileged girls living in slums. It is an initiative implemented by TTF with the support from the state government of Uttar Pradesh.

small students with school bhag

Mission Slum to School

Mission Slum to School is our major flagship program aimed at providing access to quality primary education to children living in slum areas. Our program aims to break the cycle of poverty by ensuring that every child in slum areas has the opportunity to attend school.

Women open class room

Mission Utthaan

Utthaan is a transformative program dedicated to empowering women and girl children in slums. We focus on promoting health and providing opportunities for their holistic development. Through health initiatives, education, and skill-building programs, Utthaan aims to uplift lives and empowerment.